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Nutrogusto natural smooth peanut butter

Meet the NutroGusto Range.

Your ultimate non guilty pleasure.

NutroGusto is here to fulfill your snacking needs with our nutritious product range full of good-for-you ingredients with a good-for-you taste.

We have all your favourite pantry staples, plus new and delicious flavours with a twist. All of NutroGusto’s products focus on simple, natural ingredients that translate to great taste while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Our natural peanut and almond butters are just that: made with peanuts and almonds and nothing else. Our peanut butter even comes in a mix with honey or flax and chia for added wellness benefits. You‘ll notice the difference natural makes at your first taste of NutroGusto’s honey. Our honey also comes in cinnamon, cocoa and raspberry spreads for all your drink and baking needs. As a 100% Canadian company, where would we be without all natural Canadian maple syrup?--there’s nothing better than that pure Canadian taste on your waffles and pancakes, and also perfect as an alternative sweetener in your healthy treats .

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